Sunday, October 11, 2015

Personalized Gifts

People love receiving gifts that have been personalized.  You can personalize things in a variety of ways, first/last name, nicknames, or even with a funny phrase or saying that they're known for.  Gifts like this show that you care enough to put a little extra thought into the gift and also lets the receiver know how important they are to you. 


 Step 1-  Decide on your budget.  Personalized gifts don't have to cost a lot.  A friend's birthday could be extra special with something like a koozie with their favorite saying, or even favorite sports team.  Koozies start at $10.  Maybe you need something unique for a kid who has all of the newest toys, kids LOVE a super cozy pillow with their name on it. 


Step 2 - Think about what your recipient likes, favorite colors, animals, sports/teams.  Pick out a theme or subject that they will likely want to keep forever.  If your best friend has a new favorite football team every year because they follow trends, maybe a team koozie wouldn't be the best idea.  When buying for kids, remember they grow and change interests fast, prints and patterns that are not so age specific will allow them to use their gifts longer, making them more economical.

Step 3- Decide when you need to have your gift by.  Sometimes you need a baby gift months before the baby is actually due.  Christmas is December 25th every year, you probably want to make sure you've got a few weeks to have something made so you can get it in time to wrap it up.  Personalized gifts can take a little longer to receive so give yourself ample time for ordering and delivery.  I spend a little more time on designing something to make sure it's exactly what the recipient will love, so 2-3 weeks is about average.  November and December are busier months, so ordering early will ensure on time delivery. 

Step 4- Place your order.  Sounds easy enough, right?  When you order from Cottonwood Lane it's as easy as sending a text, e-mail, or even a quick phone call.  You don't even have to know exactly what you want, I can help you decide whether you think a diaper bag is a good idea or maybe just a blanket, and if there's a gift registry I can even look it up to see if there's a certain theme.  I'm here to serve you and help you give a gift you'll feel great about giving, and the recipient won't ever forget.

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